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"See a need, fill a need." - Mr. Bigweld

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What's the big idea behind FilmWorkTexas?

The Inspiration

The Mission

8 Reasons It's Awesome

Launch Information

The Inspiration

A few years ago, here in Texas, there was a website and Facebook page dedicated to posting casting and crew notices for the “little guy.” It was the go-to place where all the cool kids hung out. Then, they seemed to have disappeared and for whatever reason they have not returned.

We loved them. Perhaps you did, too.

We had the thought: "Wouldn't it be nice if there was one central place where filmmakers and talent could connect and be informed?"

Have you ever thought that?

Have you ever posted casting notices or calls for crew only to get abysmal results? Have you posted a casting notice for a Texas film production and had people from Hawaii submit? Have you seen a great informational post only to have it disappear from your feed before you could get back to it?

We feel your frustration. We see the need, and the founders of FilmWorkTexas decided it was time to create a space just for Texas film industry folks.

The Mission

So what’s our big idea? The Mission of FilmWorkTexas is to bring together people in the Texas film community, We want to create a central place where filmmakers and talent, newbies and veterans alike,  get connected and maybe share information and support.  We want to help spread the word on organizations, classes or events that may be of interest to our members. We think forums where filmmakers and talent can discuss current trends and share information--that stays there, searchable and useful for future seekers--would help everybody. The more projects get done here in Texas, the more we all benefit. It will be a place to help and be helped.

We want to keep it simple. Keep it local. Keep it relevant.

“But,” you may be saying, “aren’t there already tons of Facebook groups and pages on film organization pages dedicated to the posting of notices and sharing of information?”

 Yep. They are spread all over the place.

 “Aren’t there huge platforms like and others that do this kind of thing?”

 Also, yes. There are.

If you’ve used these groups and platforms before, perhaps you feel our frustration over not getting enough results, or getting so many results that you spend days just trying to find those that are local and who actually fit the description you submitted. (Are we alone here? We think not.)

8 Reasons It's Awesome

Maybe you are still not convinced. We understand, so here are 8 reasons we think you might want to join us when we launch. This is just a start.


  1.  Casting and Crew notices are free to post and free to view.

  2. Its not tied to social media. No pesky algorithms deciding what you see.

  3. Connection and engagement with other filmmakers and industry professionals.

  4. You have to join the community—and that is a bonus! It protects your personal information because member pages aren’t indexed by search engines, and we’ll never sell your information. You’ve heard the phrase, “If a product is free…YOU are the product.” Not at FilmWorkTexas.

  5. It’s easy to find what you need. You can view notices, and your posted notice won’t disappear down the "feed," as self-promotion posts, ads, memes, and cute baby videos push it down and out of sight.

  6. Engage the way you like. Log in to see notices and events, engage more extensively by commenting on blog posts, or participate in the community forums.

  7. It’s open to everyone from newbies to veterans. We hope this will level the playing field and support the growth of the film industry in Texas.

  8. It’s local. Find projects and source talent right where you live.


Launch Information!

In a nutshell, it’s our hope that FilmWorkTexas will be where you can connect with people who want to find you, with no “middle guy” dictating who sees what. And, while we love memes and puppy videos as much as the next filmmaker, sometimes you need to find what you came for without getting sucked into the vortex of distraction. This website is where it will be.


We hope to launch January 1, 2022.

If all this sounds like a beneficial thing to you, be sure to connect with us below so you can be notified when we launch. We won’t flood your inbox with useless information, we will only send you an email when FilmWorkTexas is open for connection and community building.


We plan to have several membership levels and if you are an expert in your area and interested in moderating a forum or contributing a post now and then, we’d love to hear from you (just say so in the message box below)!

By filling out the form below, you are only asking to be notified by email when we officially launch.

We hope to see you there.

8 Reasons
Launch Info

"Yes! Notify me when FilmWorkTexas launches!"

Provide your information below and check your inbox January 1, 2022..

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