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Shelly is an award-winning filmmaker. Her background includes a BFA in Theater Performance from Eastern New Mexico University, one year of studies in the MFA Acting program at DePaul University's Theater School, and an MFA in Film and Video from The University of Texas at Arlington. She has experience as an on set acting coach as well as script consultant for several indie films made in Utah where she also served as Vice President of the Utah Women in Film and Television organization. As an adjunct Professor for 4 years in Cinematic Arts Area of the University of Texas at Arlington Art and Art History Department she taught Directing 1 & 2, Women in Film, Introduction to Production and Film Analysis and Aesthetics. She currently teaches Introduction to Producing and the Business of Film, Screenwriting, Advanced Production 3 and Acting for Camera Technique 4 at the nationally accredited KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts in Dallas, Texas.  Contact Shelly to request access to all her films or to request a full Curriculum Vitae, Teaching Philosophy and Artist's Statement.

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Pam Eichner

"Undertow... is still one of the films I am most proud of. The subject matter was intense which was a first for me as I am usually cast as the happy mom next door. Shelly gave me her deep and personal insight into her own battle with depression. She held nothing back. Her intimate and honest approach as a director gave me tremendous freedom and focus. My fingers are crossed in the hopes that I will have the opportunity to work on set with her again someday ... soon!”

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"Shelly is a talented and supportive writer/director. Her writing creates strong, relatable characters. Her ability to connect with her actors creates a trust-bond, leading them to powerful and moving performances. Working with her as a cinematographer, the collaborative process was filled with wonderful exchange of ideas to bring her vision to life. I would love to work with her again to create powerful, character driven stories."

Holly Tuckett
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“Shelly is absolutely one of my FAVORITE film creatives to work with! As a film composer it is important for me to be able to receive clear direction as well as the imaginative wiggle room to create what is best for the film as a whole. Shelly does an amazing job at providing these things to me and everyone who works with her. She is a true leader with a brilliant creative eye, and I’d highly recommend her abilities to anyone in the industry.”

Nate Fenwick
Amy Kenney



"Shelly Brandon is a thoughtful, passionate director. Working with her is always a pleasure, as she brings out the creativity in her colleagues through collaboration. I wouldn’t pass up the chance to work with her again! "

Rebecca Paez

Sound Designer, Undertow, tiny earthquakes


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